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From identifying dependable sourcing to administering procurement operations effectively – We assist you in everything and smooth the progress of your trading journey.

Who are we?

We stand tall by honoring your faith in us!

A passionate team of young entrepreneurs from across India, UK, Spain, Germany, Australia, USA and Canada set out to facilitate export and import services across different regions and help traders to access the global market. Having started off at a very young age, we boost eight years of experience in the manufacturing and retail sector that exposed us to the world of trading and enabled us to implement diverse solutions to meet the logistical requirements of a multitude of suppliers and retailers.


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Big Box Export & Import

Why Big Box EXIM?

  • We facilitate sourcing of raw material adhering to the regulations of custom authority of the corresponding country. Also, we ensure that the products get certified by authorized global bodies to facilitate the custom clearance process. Starting from proper packaging of a product and taking care of documentation before finally shipping it, our team delivers end-to-end services efficiently.
  • Get the fruits, vegetables, rice, cereals, masala from farms to your place with the best export quality, and each and every product is hand picked carefully as per the global standards
  • Viscon white granite is one of our in house product itself exporting to Vietnam, and other major countries across the globe
  • Whiskey, Brandy, Rum and Beers particularly made from Himalayan spring water are our featured alcohol export products from India
  • It doesn’t end here! We also support your business in creating and expanding the market for your products and positioning it in a way that it reaches to the end user. We do so in association with our sister agency that handles marketing operations including private label packaging, designing and advertising of products.
Big Box Export & Import
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