Export from India

Big Box Exports in India have strong industry expertise in sourcing the customized product requirements from importers worldwide.

indian granite marble exporter

marble & Granite

Our network with the granite and marble manufacturers has been from past 15 years catering end to end requirements in the granite export industry. 

indian fruit exporter

Agriculture Commodities

With the current collaboration of 150 acres of farming land across north to south regions from India gives us the opportunity to export all the fresh fruits and vegetables from mango exports to aloevera, spices, coffee, and tea exports from single tea estates.

old, oak, barrels

Alcohol Beverage

Having a subsidiary alcohol manufacturing company in India across whiskey, brandy, rum and beer in India, caters the export globally crafting to private labelling with all the customization.

Our Process

We designed our system in a way we deliver seamless services to our clients within the requested time.

01. Quality Assurance:

Our team primarily focuses on the quality of products we are dealing with. End-to-end checks will be conducted to examine whether products are conforming to the safety and quality standards of the country it is going to be shipped to. We will proceed with the shipment of products only after the completion of required assessments to determine their performance, standards and safety.

02. Management of legal necessities:

When involved in overseas trade, it is important to be aware of legalities to make conscious decisions to conform to them. It might not be possible for you to gain knowledge of every bit of legal information. Overlooking any particulars could entail significant risks when exporting products to another country. But, we are here to take care of every single detail. We help you understand the regulations of the country you are importing your product to and fulfill everything required to expedite the import process

03. Optimum cost:

We execute the process adhering to rules and complying with the respective policies. Also, we don’t involve any middlemen or entrust anyone outside our agency to handle products and manage processes. This is to uphold your trust in us and reduce excess logistical cost, as well.

04. Authenticate sourcing:

We administer the sourcing process efficiently and effectively. From validating the market reputation of suppliers to procuring products of desired quality, we have got you covered at every step! We also make sure that you receive products of desired quality, variety and quantity on specified time.

05. Marketing services:

Apart from traditional logistic services, we also help you maintain your online brand presence. Our sister agency offers an array of extensive digital marketing services at your disposal. In this era where dependency on digital means and internet is growing exponentially, these services accelerate and nurture your brand existence online

Agriculture Exports:

We have teamed up with a legion of farmers and have access to 1000+ acres of land to cultivate a multitude of food crops. We comprehend and abide by each and every instruction of our clients – right from type, weight, genetical modification, colour to quantity and range – to support agriculture export in India

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Alcoholic Beverage Exports:

India being one of the major exporter of alcohol catering to around 160+ countries all over the world. We understand the demand for alcohol as there might be a growing concern over the quality of alcohol apart from duties and taxes. We, in collaboration with our sister company that produces alcoholic beverages offer our clients unadulterated and quality alcohol in quantities they request for within time they want it to be delivered to their country

alcohol exporter in india

Granite Export :

We export a range of core variants in Granite & Marble to many customers across the globe. For any large scale construction, we make sure that we procure and transport proper material with robust quality within given time

indian granite marble exporter

Our Products

To all our esteemed partners, we cater bulk requirements on pre order customized to export requirement

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